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The only contractor you need for a dependable commercial roof installation or roof repair service in Kingsville, TX, is RA Roofing. From roof repairs to replacements, our expert roofers at RA Roofing know what it takes to deliver unmatched services. Our goal is to give you peace of mind knowing your home is in the hands of experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Giving You a Return on Your Investment

We understand that your choice of a roofing contractor and your approach to roof maintenance and repair is bound to reflect both your bottom line and your approach to the business.

Custom Commercial Roofing Systems

Commercial buildings can have roofing systems with different constraints than your typical residential roof. For example, flat roof architecture is less common for residential roofs. 

As part of our mission to provide top-quality commercial roofing services, we offer flexibility and a custom approach to commercial roof design that you might not find with other commercial roofing contractors. For example, our roofing company offers the following services:

  • Commercial roofing for restaurants and retail stores that optimizes the choice of roof for efficient heating and cooling
  • Advanced drainage systems for flat roof architecture to prevent water or snow from accumulating on your roof and causing damage
  • Selecting high-quality materials to minimize the cost of roof repairs and maintenance for businesses with slim profit margins

Reducing Energy Costs

Several roof systems have different qualities that can affect your heating and cooling costs. Our commercial roofing services give you the chance to reduce overhead.

For example, dark asphalt shingles can increase your air conditioning bills in the summer because the roof absorbs the sun’s heat. Tile and metal roof systems, in contrast, radiate heat more effectively. Our roofing company can get you an energy-efficient roof for your next commercial roof replacement, helping you save money while enjoying better energy efficiency.

Other Services in Kingsville, TX

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Integrating Roofing with Your Business Strategy

A roof on a commercial property is not just the top of a building. We treat your roof as an extension of your livelihood and all the energy that you have invested in it. When we discuss your project in the consultation stage, we consider the implications of your choices for the long-term future of your brand, your employees, and your customers.

Our willingness to go beyond the narrow parameters of the project to get the best results for our clients is why professionals in our business community choose us for commercial roofing in Kingsville, TX.

Roofing Replacement and Installation Services

When you need your Kingsville commercial roof replacement project done right, under budget, and in a way that supports your business activities, choose us. While we install your new roof or finish repairs on your roof, we’ll always treat you with respect and provide attentive customer service.

Custom Roofing in Many Styles and Materials

Our commercial roofing services include in-depth consultation and planning so that you can explore all your commercial roof options before committing to a roof project.

Roofing Materials

Tile, asphalt, and metal roofing systems give you the freedom to experiment with roof textures and colors. With our custom roofing company, your commercial roof does not have to look like every other storefront or office complex.

Design and Consultation Services

As part of our commercial roofing services, we advise our customers on ways to be creative and find new ways to make their roofs stand out.


Quality Workmanship From an Exceptional Commercial Roofing Contractor

Some commercial roofing contractors are content with a roof that looks good when they finish the project, but we hold our commercial roofing services to a higher standard. We only install shingles and panels from manufacturers that we trust, and we stand behind our work long after we have installed your roof.

Whether you need a conventional asphalt roof or a metal roof, installation matters. We take care of every roof installation job to eliminate gaps that cause leaks, drainage problems, and any other potential problems.

One way to get the most out of your roof and protect your building from leaks is to keep the roof in good condition. Clean the gutters regularly, and repair any roof flashing before the water has an opportunity to seep into the roof deck. We can help with inspections and regular commercial roof maintenance services.

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For the best Kingsville commercial roof repair and replacement service, call our team at RA Roofing at (361) 806-4881. Our team of professionals installs and maintains a wider range of modern roofing systems than other commercial roofing contractors. Before you have your roof installed by any other Kingsville commercial roofer, learn more about what our commercial roof company can do for you.