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Before you start any roofing project, be sure to find a roofing company you can trust to guide you through the design process and install, repair, or replace your roof with skill and precision.

If you need roofing work done in the Corpus Christie area, including the town of Kingsville, TX, you need RA Roofing, a Kingsville roofer with established connections in the area and a history of customer satisfaction.

Your roof plays a central role in the structural integrity and aesthetics of your property. It is one of the most prominent features of any home and can be an essential part of brand identity in commercial buildings. Our roofing team at RA Roofing can create a custom roof with your choice of durable and energy-efficient roofing materials.

To help you envision your ideal roof, let our company introduce you to the most popular types of roofs and our approach to roofing. If you have any questions about roof design, roofing materials, roofing costs, or any other roofing matters, call us at (361) 806-4881 to speak with a roofing expert.

Types of Roofing We Provide

There’s no one type of roofing that works best for every homeowner or business owner. Our roofing company stocks and supplies many different roofing supplies, including asphalt shingles, wooden shingles, tile, slate, and metal roofs. If you need a roofing material that does not appear on our list, ask us. You might be surprised at our ability to meet even the most exotic roofing needs.

Shingles are a common roofing material for residential roofs and commercial buildings that reflect a home-like aesthetic. They are easy to install and look good on residential homes.

Asphalt shingles are a cost-effective roofing option, but they are not always as durable as other roofing materials. You can expect your asphalt shingles to last about two decades. However, homeowners can get more years out of your asphalt by purchasing quality shingles and being diligent about regular cleaning and maintenance. For example:

  • Clean your gutters regularly.
  • Avoid pressure washing your shingles unless you know how to avoid damaging them.
  • Make sure your roof drains adequately in all seasons and types of weather.
  • Fix storm damage and replace missing shingles as soon as possible.

Proper installation and repair can prevent some problems that can prematurely degrade your asphalt shingles.

For example, some roofing contractors overlay a second layer of shingles on top of damaged shingles to save time. This shortcut can trap moisture between the layers and cause the roofing materials to rot. In most cases, the better course of action is to remove the damaged layer before installing the replacement shingles.

Quality wooden shingles last about ten years longer than asphalt ones, but they do wear out over time and can absorb water. However, wooden shingles in good condition are a great way to give your property a rustic aesthetic and boost its curb appeal.

Metal roofing is an increasingly popular material. Metal roofing panels are corrosion-resistant and keep attics cool by radiating the sun’s heat.

Tile roofing is resilient and gives your property a vibrant, Mediterranean feel. You can get tile in different colors and shades to match your decor.

Flat roofs are economical and convenient for commercial roofing. Although they aren’t as popular to install for residential roofs, some homeowners prefer them.

Our versatility and experience with many types of roofs have made us the leader in Kingsville roof repair and replacement.

Other Services in Kingsville, TX

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Roofing Services in Kingsville, TX

Some contractors offer only a limited range of roofing services and only have practical knowledge of the most common types of roofs. At RA Roofing, we constantly work to expand our range of roofing services. Our team looks forward to the challenge of tackling an unusual roofing project or taking our roofing service to new heights.

Installing new roofs is a cornerstone of our roofing services. When customers ask our roofing company to replace a sagging, leaking, or a crumbling roof with a pristine new roof, they trust us with the protection of their families and their precious belongings. We stake our reputation as a roofing contractor on our ability to deliver security and stability.

Our priority when installing a new roof is to safeguard the home at all times. This means protecting building materials before they go on the roof, shielding the top floor and attic against the elements, and working quickly without cutting corners.

Many of our customers start a professional relationship with us by requesting a roof inspection. The diligence we show in an inspection leads customers to have faith in our roofing company moving forward.

Some homeowners or business owners have inherited or recently purchased a property and don't yet know their roofing needs. Others have a specific remodeling project in mind and are looking for a professional opinion on the condition of their roof. Meanwhile, some are looking for a second opinion after a falling out with another roofing contractor in the area.

No matter the reason for requesting a roof inspection, we will give you our expert, impartial, and professional assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your property's roof. We can give you a general assessment or answer more specific questions.

We keep our roof inspection process separate from our sales. While we will gladly follow up on an inspection with other roofing work, we won't try to use the inspection to pressure you into repairs or other roofing services. You will always be in the driver's seat, and our inspection will not be contingent on you choosing us as the roofing company for any future roofing project.

Any roofing company can offer roof repair, but can they repair the intangible losses that homeowners so often experience when their roof fails? We see ourselves as more than a roofing company because we know how much your roof matters.

In addition to our top-quality roofing repair services, our team uses their customer service skills to explore your objectives and develop a repair plan that helps you reclaim the home you were proud of. Can another roofing company promise you the same?

When your home, store, or office needs a new roof, it can be a time of uncertainty and anxiety. If you are looking for a roofing company or roofing contractor to repair storm damage or to fix up a family home in dire need of repair, it can be easy to focus on the negative.

Our roofing company works hard to help customers see the potential and opportunity that comes with a roof replacement. That can't happen unless our roofing company has earned your trust. We push ourselves to always expand on our qualifications so that our roofing company is ready to help you rebuild when you need it.

We find joy and meaning in performing quality work on every roofing replacement project. A central goal of our roofing service is cultivating a sense of excitement in our customers, so they see the process as an adventure rather than a struggle or a chore.

Residential Roofing

When homeowners look for a roofing company, they usually do so for a few reasons.

  • Their home has sustained damage.
  • They are fixing up an old home or moving into a new one.
  • They are expanding their home due to a milestone in their lives.

Our roofing company tailors our approach to the specific needs of every homeowner or family. Our top priority is the safety and protection of you and your family. The professional services that our roofing company offers serve a greater purpose of allowing homeowners to move into a new stage of life with confidence.

Our roofing company helps residential clients explore new roofing styles, evaluate different roofing materials, and design new layouts to protect home additions and accessory dwelling units.


Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing customers have a different set of roofing needs that don’t always apply to homeowners. Many commercial properties have distinctive roofs or rooftop signage that allows the customer to promote their business more effectively to passing motorists and pedestrians.

Business owners cannot afford to let their stores and offices look unattractive while the roofing work is in progress. Every roofing company is a business, but you need a roofing company that puts the needs of your business ahead of theirs. We are a local roofing company, and our team makes a concerted effort to draw upon our business experience in the neighborhood to better understand the needs of your company.

Our professional team will work with you to create a roof that speaks to your customers and helps your business revitalize itself.

What You Get When You Choose RA Roofing

Out of all the local roofing companies, Kingsville, TX, residents and small businesses choose us to be their roofing contractor. One reason is the quality of materials we sell and install, but our company offers more than materials and workmanship. Before you send any proposals to another contractor or roofing company in the Kingsville area, keep reading to find out why our roofing company outshines the competition.

You cannot establish a reputation in any town as a quality roofing contractor without having top-quality nails, shingles, tiles, and tools. Our roofing company uses durable, high-quality materials and leverages our professional relationships to keep costs low.

We have years of experience in roofing inspection services. An essential first step in our roofing process is to evaluate the situation and, in collaboration with our customers, create a clear assessment of their needs.

The experts at our roofing company take professional pride in helping homeowners find hidden sources of damage, installation mistakes, and other threats to the long-term stability and attractiveness of their roofs. Many of our customers come to us because they need an experienced team to redo work by another roofing company or contractor.

After we've finished looking over your old roof or the designs for your planned new construction, we can recommend repairs or go over options for replacement. We treat every customer, residential and commercial, as a unique opportunity. We don't try to push anyone into a preconceived vision of what their roofing should be.

The services that a roofing company offers are only as good as the mastery of the skills it needs to perform each service. We do more than promise an innovative yet meticulous approach to roofing. Our roofing company applies what our team has learned through years on the job to ensure every service we offer is of the highest possible quality.

Our commercial and residential customers expect a roofing company to be with them for the lifespan of their roofs, a matter of decades, if not generations.

Our professional roofers have extensive training in OSHA safety procedures, CPR, and other vital skills for any construction project. We invest in our employees so that they provide quality workmanship and superior service in a safe environment that lets them focus on the task at hand.

Our employees are like our family at RA Roofing. Would you trust the safety of your family to a roofing company that did not value the safety of its team?

Our roofing company can install a roof faster than other companies without rushing or making mistakes because we spent time and effort fine-tuning our procedures and honing our roofing skills. Every roof we install and roofing service we carry out reflects a history of training and years of dedication to workmanship.

Make Roofing Easy by Choosing an RA Roofing Contractor

For a residential and commercial roofing company that holds itself to the highest standards of quality workmanship in Kingsville, TX, you need RA Roofing. To schedule an inspection or to install, replace, or repair your roofing at an affordable price, call (361) 806-4881 today.