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Your home or business’s roof is an essential feature of your property. Not only do these structural components dominate your property’s aesthetics, but they also offer protection from the elements.

While most homeowners think of asphalt shingles and stone tiles as the preferred material and style, metal roofing systems provide a quality alternative to traditional roofing materials. With their many benefits, consider metal roofs for your residential properties or commercial buildings today.

When you’re ready for a new roof, hiring the right team for installation provides the benefits of quality metal roofing. Our RA Roofing professionals conduct top-rated residential metal roofing installation projects in Portland, TX.

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Hire Top-Rated Professionals to Install Metal Roofing Systems in Portland, TX

Installation is not a job for amateurs. In order to guarantee quality metal roofing, you need to hire top-rated experts for the project.

Whether you’re in need of a new roof or want to adjust the look of your property, metal roofs could be the perfect solution. Before beginning your renovation project, consult our contractors about the different styles and types of metal roofing available.

With a highly regarded reputation in Portland, TX, our RA Roofing team can provide your building with the best metal roof installation in the area. Call our contractors for your metal roofing project.

Hire Top-Rated Professionals to Install Metal Roofing Systems in Portland, TX

Whether you’re considering metal roofing projects for your home or business, our team offers the best services. We understand that style and functionality play major roles in determining the suitable roofing systems for your home or business. Call our roofing contractors to put metal roofing on your property.

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Benefits of Installing a Steel or Metal Roof

Businesses and homeowners considering a new roof usually don’t realize the advantages of choosing metal roofing for their property. In fact, a metal provides functional and aesthetic changes to your property that improve its value and curb appeal.

Read more below about the positives of choosing steel or metal roofing for your property.

Homeowners who choose metal benefit from the beautiful colors and various style choices available for these types of roofs. Since manufacturers can make metal sheets in almost any color, this roof type offers a distinctive look.

Metal roofs increase energy efficiency because of their heat-resistant properties. The finishes manufacturers apply to metal sheets resist 50% more of the temperature impacts sunlight has on other roof types. As a result, you might notice lower utility bills and increased HVAC efficiency after choosing metal roofing for your property, offering you more than aesthetic benefits.

When it comes to protective features, there is no comparison between metal roofing and any other roof type. Metal roofing sheets offer the highest heat, fire, and wind resistance capabilities of any material.

While asphalt shingles and stone tiles can easily chip or crack, metal sheets remain intact through the toughest seasonal temperature shifts and extreme weather events. Significant physical plants for your business might benefit from installing this material. Protect your property from damage by choosing metal roofing.

Roofing replacements can be some of the most expensive renovation jobs for your home or business. As such, choosing a roof material that offers long-lasting durability and an increased lifespan can save you money on expensive replacements.

Quality metal roofs can last up to ten years longer than other types. You can expect your professionally installed roof to remain intact on your property for 35 to 55 years without requiring a replacement. As a result, these roofs are perfect for plants and factories that may remain in operation for many years.

Why Customers Hire Our Metal Roofing Contractor in Portland, TX

Choosing the right company to service one of your property’s most significant protective features helps avoid premature repairs or replacements. With top-rated workmanship and expert contractors, our roofers at RA Roofing provide the best installation service available for any roof type. Call our experts today to begin a roofing project on your property.

Other Types of Roofing We Service

Although metal roofing provides many advantages, it may not be the best material for your home or business. If the styles and protection that metal roofing offers aren’t quite right for your property, consider other options that our experts can implement on your roof, such as:

Consult our contractors on what the best style might be for your property.


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