Port Aransas Metal Roofing

Port Aransas Metal Roofing

Whether for your home or commercial buildings, metal roofs are excellent choices. At RA Roofing, we’re proud to install many metal roofing systems throughout the Port Aransas area. When homeowners need metal roofing in Port Aransas, TX, they trust our team to deliver.

We’re the best in the industry because we provide quality workmanship paired with attention to detail. Every Port Aransas metal roofing contractor on our crew has experience with projects of various sizes and scopes, from simple repairs for homes to installing a new roof on a commercial building.

The highest quality metal roofing project is possible when you work with our metal roofing company. Call our RA Roofing crew today at (361) 806-4881 for a free estimate!

The Many Benefits of Having a Metal Roof

A metal roofing project has several benefits, such as:

Metal roofing is known for its longevity. With the proper maintenance, you can expect a metal roof to last between 35 to 50 years or more. Metal can last longer than other roofing materials like asphalt shingles.

Durable metal roofing systems can use various materials, including aluminum, zinc, and galvanized steel. Steel, in particular, provides metal roofs with extra protection.

Another reason to choose a metal roof for your building is that it features excellent resistance against wind, heat, and fire.

Our RA Roofing team only installs a metal roof for a building with the best heat and wind resistance. The metal roofs installed by our company can withstand the toughest weather conditions, including wildfires.

A metal roof is an energy-efficient roofing option because metal panels reflect the sun's rays instead of absorbing them. High-quality metal also protects customers' buildings against the sun's rays, reducing damage.

Metal roofs are some of the best options in the roofing industry when it comes to reducing monthly energy bills. A high-quality metal roof can reflect 50% or more of solar radiation.

This benefit means it costs less to cool and heat your home. Your HVAC systems also don't need to work as hard, further reducing your energy bills and prolonging your HVAC's lifespan.

Installing a metal roofing system also means you won't have to pay as much for regular maintenance. Any roof can suffer from damage after a nasty storm or from natural wear and tear. However, a metal roofing system's high-quality means you can avoid most issues, like loose shingles or cracked tiles.

A metal roofing system can occasionally suffer from dents, but these dents are cosmetic, reducing your roof style versus its functionality.

The metal roof has come a long way, and commercial and residential owners choose to install a metal roofing system for its distinctive look. Today, you can select a roof in many designs and beautiful colors.

You can even choose a metal roofing style that resembles other roofing systems, like tile. As an experienced metal roofing company, we can help you select a color and style that suits your home. We provide many selections for your project, making us the best in the industry.

Other Services in Port Aransas

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We Serve Commercial and Residential Customers

Our team gladly provides metal roofing services for business owners and homeowners to deliver a custom roof built with outstanding workmanship, whether you have a small home or a large factory.

We work directly with businesses and homeowners to help them choose the right style and material for their roofing system. Our professional crew also works on flat rooftops alongside traditional sloped metal roofs.

Metal Roofing Repairs and Regular Maintenance

Metal roofing tends to need fewer repairs than other roof types. However, following a nasty storm, it’s possible to have dents or even leaks. When you need a metal roofing contractor in Port Aransas, TX, to inspect your roof and recommend the correct repairs, call us.

We also recommend residents have our team regularly inspect their roofs and provide general maintenance. This service can catch problems early on and resolve them before they become major concerns.


Why Aransas, TX, Residents Choose Our Metal Roofing Company

Here are the main reasons why Aransas, TX, residents choose our top-tier services:

We Specialize in Many Roof Types

Alongside metal, our team works with shingle, tile, and flat roofs, and we can help you choose the correct material to use for your home or business.

Straightforward Pricing

Every service starts with a free estimate with no hidden fees or obligations.

The Most Professional Crew Members

Every contractor we hire brings years of experience and the necessary qualifications. We also exercise the best safety standards, keeping our workers and your home or business safe.

Work with a Trusted Port Aransas Metal Roofing Company

Whether you need an entire roof replacement or need a few quick repairs to your metal roofing project, we’re just one call away.

Aransas, TX, residents, call our RA Roofing team today at (361) 806-4881 to learn more about our metal roofing service!